Were to start on this one. I suppose I don’t know that all of you reading this know exactly what Clomid even is, or does for that matter. It’s a drug that basically tells your brain that you are not producing the hormones needed to make ovulation happen. So in short, it makes your brain freak out and go into hyper drive on producing hormones for ovulation and due to that you typically produce more than one egg for that cycle because in reality you did produce enough. However, not everyone responds to it like that.

One my second cycle I still had my hopes high. They said that not everyone gets pregnant on the first try. So optimistic me said “okay, here’s shot number two, we got this!” Called the office to the fertility center and scheduled my mid cycle ultrasound and got good news again! Had three big mature eggs, so again, I thought to myself. Okay! Here we go! Doctor prescribed sex every other day for the next week. And that’s what we did. Mostly…I mean we may have snuck a morning quicky or a late afternoon of seconds in here and there but hey, we’re a married couples trying to create something beautiful out of love. ❤ I was dying of impatience during that two-week wait. It was literally killing me on the inside. I kept thinking that I’m nauseous or I’m more hungry than usual or hey, is that a cramp that is different? The day before my predicted period I took that test with my first morning urine. Figures crossed. I didn’t even want to look at it while I waited that three minutes. I started at the digital clock on my phone while I impatiently tapped my foot and fidgeted with Facebook. I looked at the test, again, BIG FAT NEGATIVE… I crawled into bed with my husband and cried. I cried on and off all day. It was a terrible day…the next morning Aunt Flow came a knocking…

That day I called the fertility center, had the nurse chart my period and started cycle 3 on the somewhat less hopeful Clomid…


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