Well, I know what you all are probably thinking…Another blog about babies. However this is not another blog about a baby, this is a blog about my journey through infertility. I’ve decided to reach out and hopefully connect with people who are struggling like me. Who am I? My name is Kaleigh, Weird spelling right? 🙂 My husband, Mikel, (Pronounced Micheal) also a weird spelling. We make the perfect weird couple. I never thought I would be the one to marry my high school sweetheart but here I am, happily married and in love. It’s wonderful ❤ I thought my life was perfect. I mean, yeah, we have our fights and we have our troubles but I never thought in a million years that I would be sitting in the gynecologist’s office as the doctor writes infertility across my chart as my diagnosis. But here I am…

My husband and I have been seriously trying for a year now and I’ve been off birth control for a little over two years. About 6 months ago my husband and I went to the fertility center by our home. Prior to this I’ve been poked and prodded and my husband has gone and provided his sample. So now here we are sitting in the fertility center room looking at each other and wondering what is going to happen next? Like who would have thought it would be this hard to have a family.

I started Clomid, 50mg. Terrified of what it was going to do to my body but so anxious for it to work that first time. They warned me of the side affects but I don’t think anyone can actually tell you how it’s going to affect you. About 6 days after my last pill it all started. The hot flashes, the mood swings, the cramps and the painful sex. It was terrible. About midway through my first cycle on the Clomid I had an ultrasound to see how my body was responding. The news was great!!! I had three eggs that were big and mature and ready to create our baby! Now we just had to wait for ovulation and cross our fingers through that two-week wait. Sex every other day the doctor prescribed so that’s what we did. I was so convinced I was pregnant, I mean three eggs? How could none of them get fertilized…took a test the morning of my predicted period. BIG FAT NEGATIVE. Needless to say, I was devastated. A few hours later, just to compliment my devastation, Aunt Flow came knocking on my door. Called the doctor’s office, reported my period and started cycle two on Clomid…

I suppose I should take a break tonight, have to make dinner for my husband. Too be continued tomorrow!


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