November 7th, 2014…the day I started my third cycle on Clomid. I can tell you that I was still fingers crosses and hoping for the best, like honestly, wholehearted wanting to be pregnant but my gut was telling me that this wasn’t the way. I finished the 5 days of pills and the pain was getting worse. The hot flashes were terrible and my mood swings were off the wall. I don’t think my husband wanted to deal with me let alone have sex with me. I was not a nice person and the worst part was I knew that I wasn’t being a nice person and I couldn’t do anything about it. I could not control my emotions, at all. I had my appointment set for the mid cycle ultrasound and this time…we didn’t get such good news. I had one mature egg and one that was maybe big enough but wasn’t exactly a winner. But we have hope and the nurse told me, it’s only takes one to make a baby! So as the doctor prescribed we had sex every other day for that week and then during the two-week wait I was crossing my fingers and praying for a baby. Just please God let me be pregnant…I didn’t even take a test this time. I knew, I just knew I wasn’t. The cramps came on and then there she was. Knock knock, hi my name is Aunt Flow, I think I’m going to be staying for a little while. Hope you don’t mind…

So I called the center and started my last cycle on Clomid…the dreaded cycle 4…


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