The past few days I’ve had cramps. I hate cramps. I hate dull achy cramps and the other horrid ones that come when stupid Aunt Flow comes knocking on my door. I’m halfway through my ovulation week. Been doing the dirty deed every other day now for the time being. Hoping this month is the winner! I’m also hoping that the Clomid is officially out of my system. My periods have been so short the last two months. It’s slightly concerning. Anyway, hopefully the mild cramping is a good sign and we well get two pink lines in about 2.5 weeks!!! Staying positive and praying for the best.

Saw a funny quote the other day, “Getting your period is like your uterus just spent the last three weeks getting the baby’s room ready only to find out you didn’t get pregnant and trashes the entire fucking house out of anger”

It made me laugh, a lot.

Well it’s Friday and that’s a wonderful thing. Spent a lovely time with my husband and the family at the casino, won enough to break even and had dinner paid for. Got to eat an endless supply of crab legs and got an offer for my dream job! I get to hear more about that on Tuesday, just have to pass a background check and a drug test. Should be easy unless they’re testing for prenatal vitamins! Ha 🙂 At least my Friday the 13th wasn’t an unlucky one!

Can’t wait to get some more quality time in with the husband, who unfortunately is working the grave yard shift this entire weekend, and I get to meet my best friends new boyfriend on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend readers, and send a little baby dust my way!

Good night ❤


8 thoughts on “Why is being a women painful?

  1. We’re basically on the same time frame! How crazy, yes I feel you the cramps are terrible. But they can indicate ovulation so I’ll take them. Have you had any luck on getting rid of them? Or helping them! Sending luck your way, these 2 weeks will fly by

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    1. I have no luck on getting relief from them. Heating pads is about the best way. However sometimes they are so intense that I have to sit down and they give me sweats from the pain. I’ll be here waiting with you these two weeks! At least trying to make a baby is fun 😉

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      1. Another thing to keep in mind if you don’t want to bust out a heating pad is putting warm/hot water in a water bottle or pop bottle and closing it tight and putting it in your hoodie pocket or under your shirt.
        My husband is also loving this part! Haha!

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      2. When I was getting really bad period cramps my gynecologist told me that tip so I didn’t have to suffer in school and it’s discreet. So you can do it in public, not so much in the summer, but you can usually refill with hot water in public bathrooms too.

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