So peak fertility week is over and now it’s time to wait…here comes the forums and the pondering and wondering on if that’s a baby in there making me feel this way…It can be really exhausting to say the least. The ovulation pains this month were not so nice to me to say the least. At some points in time I thought I was going to keel over and die. I spent a lot of time clutching my lower abdomen and praying that the cramps and pain would just give me a damn break. It did, just after I was done ovulating. Something I plan to talk to the gyno about if it continues to worsen in the next two months. Yay being a women and getting a pap every year on top of having fertility issues so vaginal ultrasounds are just as fun. Haha…Not really.

clomid the gateway drug

Today was an emotional day for me. Argued with my husband and that was not that fun, at all…fortunately neither one of us tend to stay mad at each other long and we were quickly made up and back on task for the day. It was wonderful to have the day off and to spend lots of time with him and family. I’m more than ready for spring, it’s a perfect time to hope for a baby! All the new growth and rebirth of the dead all around us! *Fingers are crossed* and in the mean time I’ll be praying that some fertilization happens and that egg implants in my uterus!!!

Side note, I have to go for a drug test this week for my new job and discuss hours. Hopefully I’ll be putting in my two weeks but I may also carry two jobs for awhile! We shall see what the future holds. Extra money is never a bad thing. Especially since we’re headed to Florida in July and going to give IUI a try in the fall if we do not succeed on our own by then. I did some research and found that you should be giving your body 3/4 months minimum in between fertility meds for maximum results. It was saying for example that after you stop using Clomid that before you try something else you need to let your body heal, let your uterine lining build back up naturally before you pump some new fertility drugs. So thankfully we did make that decision a few months ago. This up coming cycle will mark 3 months off of Clomid and I’m hoping to not see my period but if I do I hope it’s back to normal finally.

In the mean time, send that baby dust my way and pray for me through this horrid two week wait.



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