I have to admit that this is horrible every single time. I am 4 days past ovulation and 11 days predicted until Aunt Flow comes along. Which means I am 28% through my two week wait. I really hoped that putting it into a percentage that it would seem like less time is left but it didn’t. I don’t have any promising symptoms yet, however I still have some minor cramping. It’s not like my mind doesn’t mind convincing me anyways that I’m pregnant this time, every time anyways. I’m pretty sure that each month over the last 6 months I’ve been positive that this time is the time that I’ll be pregnant. Two months ago I was beyond convinced. Usually ends in tears when I get that stupid single pink line! But fingers crossed that fertilization has happened or is happening now as I type my thoughts onto this website and then praying that this will be the time that implantation happens.


today im sad

My husband is working a lot of overnights this weekend. He worked one last night, has tonight off and then works the entire weekend. Makes for a horrible sleeping evening for me. I miss his presence terribly even when I’m not awake to miss it. I woke up three times last night wanting to feel his arms around me…so I’m exhausted to say the least. I also had a terrible dream last night. It was absolutely horrible. So not having someone there to make me feel better made the night long and cold and just made me miss him. Next week he doesn’t work many overnights so I just have to make it through the weekend! I can do this too!

Weekend plans for the side note. Friday I work the am shift and then we’re going to my parents. They’re in the process of redoing the kitchen, it looks wonderful! Saturday I’m getting the catch up and talk with my best friend. Her current boyfriend just dropped the “L” word! ❤ Love is in the air and it’s about time she gets a good catch!!! Saturday evening I get some much need time with my husband, all along until he leaves for work. Hoping to watch a movie and I’ll make some good food. Sunday is family day, heading to his parents for the afternoon to play cards and catch up. Sounds that a good way to pass the time and push me to 50% there! (By Sunday I will be 7dpo) 🙂

Until next time…


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