ME! I’m counting and wishing and thinking and hoping! But at this point in the cycle, who isn’t?

I have some symptoms! Which of course could be Aunt Flow letting me know she’s near but could also be that we actually created life this time!


First thing, I’m super tired. Been exhausted since Saturday. Liking nodding off at work and while just relaxing at someone’s house. It’s weird for me, not usually that tired until the flow starts!

Second, MY BOOBS HURT SO DAMN BAD I WANT TO RIP THEM OFF!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I think that I’m being a wee but dramatic but damn. It’s not just the nipple area, it’s like under my nipple, my nipple it’s self and down the side. The inside area where my cleavage is, that’s fine but the outside is painful. It is not pleasant to say the very least.

Third thing started today, mild dull cramping. Could be that stupid period talking but we shall see. About 5 more days to go and I don’t test early anymore. It doesn’t seem worth it. Results are not reliable and I’ve had so many negative I don’t enjoy spending the money on more tests. So for now I’m keeping those fingers crossed and praying that maybe this time will be the time that it all happen!

Random side note, I have been working two jobs for awhile. Gotta save that money! Vacation coming up! Woo! But anyways, one of the elderly ladies I work with saw me yawning at work on Monday (yesterday) and she was like are you pregnant? And I told her no. At least I don’t believe that I am and I wouldn’t know right now anyways. She said to me, something is pressuring me to tell you that you are pregnant my dear. I got the chills but I told her that would be wonderful if I was. She reassured me that me that someone or something was telling her to pass the message. So if I wasn’t trying to get my hopes up that wrecked it for sure. I have heard weirder things in my short life so far on this planet, it sure would be something if that lady was right.

So I’ll be here, fingers crossed, wishing, hoping and praying that this is the cycle that changes our lives and makes us parents! ❤

god had a reason


4 thoughts on “9dpo but who is counting?

    1. It can be very difficult to find peace while waiting. I truly understand right now where you are. My husband and I will be attempting IUI in the fall if we do not conceive naturally by then. My biggest question is does it hurt?

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      1. It didn’t actually hurt. It was less painful then a papsmear. I had a little pain only because for some reason something was blocking the catheter. But that isn’t normal.

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