I woke up yesterday morning to my kitty looking out the window and chattering at birds. I think he’s convinced that he will catch one one of these days! I wish him the best of luck since he never gets out. Ha. In addition to the adorable kitty in the window, I also woke up in pain, the stupid pain that comes when Aunt Flow decides to destroy my insides and remind me that once again I was unable to get pregnant. So happy to see her this month. She was early this month too but I’m hoping that I will have a more regular period this month since the last couple have been two days long and it’s been ever since I’ve been off the Clomid. Somehow it did something to me. So a part of me wonders if it’s still doing something inside there. However, I’m now two days into my new cycle. So in about two weeks we will get to go through this all again and try to create Baby Yingling. Today I’ve been pondering a lot about the future and I’m wondering more and more if we are unable to do it by ourselves. So as spring approaches and so does our summer vacation I find myself waiting for fall to start IUI. I know my body needs time to get back to normal before we start the IUI process. I just wish I could not be part of a percentage who has to try this hard to have a normal life. So here we go again, cycle number 15 or something around that. Please God let me be patient and find peace in whatever you have planned for us…


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