I don’t have to be to work until noon, which is super nice but it’s only because my hubs had his ultrasound today for the never ending search on does he have gull stones are not. Labs and the ultrasound today, had the endoscopy last week and now it’s just us waiting until he sees the doctor on the 15th. So yay. Now we wait. Again.

I had spotting this cycle after my period. I’ve never had that before. My period was about three days which means that it’s finally starting to regulate again after the Clomid hijacked my system and decided to take over. But about a day and half later, after my period was done I had some spotting for a couple hours of fresh bright pink blood. To me at that moment in the bathroom I was thinking to myself I thought you were done? Why are you back? Don’t you torture me enough already? And then picturing this mysterious Aunt Flow maniacally laughing at me. And she’s clearly not done with me because I’ve been getting cramps again that are lastly and they’re dull and it’s irritating. However, it’s April! Which means we have 3 more months until our vacation!!! And the sun has been shinning and it’s been so beautiful outside!!! I can’t wait for this weather to really heat up and to be outside more and for July to roll around and for us to get going to Florida for our seven nights away from reality. ❤


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