We’ve been off the all the pills and treatments and remedies for 5 months now. It’s sort of nice because I actually believe that my body is back to the way that it used to be. My periods are started to feel normal and I don’t feel crazy with all the appointments and time management of when we have to have sex. However now we are growing closer to going back to all the ultrasounds and pills and now shots. In August we will start a new round of pills, something I’ve never tried before but is suppose to be easier on my system than the Clomid. Apparently it has less side-effects. Which is nice because if you read my earlier blogs you know that Clomid made me a crazy devil bitch. (Lol)

So since we are ever approaching August my mind has started to obsess. I’m now starting to read blogs and go on different internet searches on who else has also tried Letrozole and Ovidrel and if they tried it with an IUI and what their success was or if they were not so successful. August is making me nervous. My husband and I talked about it the other night. He actually talked to me about how HE FEELS with everything which is a change to the opposite of me always blubbering about how I feel. He told me that he’s one hundred percent on board and that he thinks it will work out. We both agreed on only 4 cycles and then we would call it quits on IUI. As far as IVF we are not going to pursue that dream. We will start looking into adoption options if it comes to that.

On the bright side of things, I did just start my fertility week! So of course we are doing all that fun stuff that is a huge part of trying to conceive naturally.  😉 So wish me luck and some baby dust so maybe I can put my nerves at ease as we approach the 3 month count down to IUI. Sending baby dust, luck and love all your way as well.


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