So much has happened in the months that have passed. Too be honest I just wanted a break from blogging and from life but life goes on anyway. So I have a diagnoses! I have endometriosis, truth be told I sort of had a feeling I had it since the pain I had been experiencing was pretty horrid but my word doesn’t mean a lot without proof. So end of July I had exploratory surgery and here we are. The most of the endo was removed and my doctor also did a d&c to clean me out and flushed my tubes. So two months later here we are, still trying. My insurance changed with my new job so when we took a break from the doctor and the meds I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be going back to the people I had begun to really feel comfortable with. The next closest infertility clinic to us is two hours away. So Thursday morning we go out and took the drive. I have never felt so good about the sudden switch up. I started Femara this morning, the hot flashes suck, but in two weeks we go for our first IUI. I am feeling hopeful and nervous but we’re praying for our miracle. This new doctor seemed to really know what he was talking about, it made me feel confident in this decision to proceed with the next step in treatment. I have been very hesitant to do the IUI. One reason being the cost but another being the fact that I would prefer to do things the natural way. Which is why we still waited two cycles after the surgery to go ahead with things. I’ve been letting my mind wander and allowing myself to think of the future, to let hope fill me with the possibility that this could be all we needed. Next week I start the OPK tests, I usually get a positive on CD 13. Once we get that solid smiley face then the next morning we go for insemination. No ultrasounds and no Ovidrel. It’s kinda nice and makes me feel like we are still somewhat on top of this and not getting a wand shoved up my hoo-ha twice a month is also a plus. Well ladies! I will keep you posted on our new journey. ❤


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