I made it through the Femara pills with minimal side effects, so far I like these drugs better than the Clomid, by a long shot. I’ve had killer hot flashes, and a lot of them but the only other side effects I’ve really noticed is excessive fatigue and some mild headaches. Today I woke with some cramping but I’ve read that some mild cramping is normal before ovulation due to the over stimulation of the ovaries. Makes sense to me, plus I feel like I can’t really complain about mild cramping if that is what it takes to get a baby!

I’m feeling super anxious, few more days of testing and I should get that positive OPK!!!! I’ve been testing since Sunday morning. Still nothing but I usually get a positive on CD 13/14. It would be so amazing to get pregnant with the first round of IUI. Mostly because of the timing. We would be roughly three months along in January, which is close to my hubby’s birthday! And as all you ttcers know, that dreaded three months is the safe zone! So if we could announce our success with his birthday it would be so wonderful. Then the second beautiful thing about the timing is our little bundle would be due in July which would be right about our Anniversary time! How wonderful in deed! I’m trying super hard not to get my hopes up too high but I feel as though I’ve already crossed that threshold with excitement and nerves.

I will continue to keep you all posted! Fingers crossed and good vibes our way as we come up to our first IUI in a few days! ❤


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