We went and it’s done but now we wait…..the next two weeks are going to be the longest two weeks ever. Things I wish were easier to find online before I did the procedure that I hope will help anyone who is considering doing this. My biggest thing was does it hurt??? Honestly….a little bit but nothing compared to what I had fabricated in my head. You sit in the uncomfortable position that you go in before your annual pap. They open you up just like your pap and then they push a catheter through your cervix. Because you are ovulating your cervix is already dilated so having the catheter put in is just a bit discomforting not painful. It wasn’t so bad, it takes less than five minutes to do the whole thing but then you have to wait laying down for about 20 to 30 minutes afterwards. That’s the long part but really it was quick and easy. Yesterday may become one of the best days of our lives, the only problem is we won’t know until two weeks from now and then we can’t even breath easy until that 12 week mark. I must also comment on the fact that my cervix did bleed a little, a tiny tiny bit and I did have discomfort the rest of the day when sitting. A little Tylenol and it was much better. Please keep us in your thoughts a prayers and I’ll keep you updated as we go through the next two weeks! Hopefully we get some good news soon!!! ❤


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