This has been the longest week of my life and I have another week to go….oh my lord! Patience has NOT been on my side at all this week and I’m sure it won’t be much nicer to me this coming week. But any whoo…….status update time. Had my blood drawn yesterday for whatever reason. Doctor wanted it done precisely one week after the IUI so hopefully those results are what they should be. As for me I’m itching to start testing like yesterday. I will hold off until my period due date because I really hate the torture of testing all the time and getting that negative test over and over again and giving yourself the false hope that maybe it’s still too early and you really are pregnant this time….. Symptoms are few, I have been very tired and fatigued but that could be a side effect from the Femera. I have also been having a lot of indigestion, TMI but I’ve been throwing up in the back of my mouth. Not something I commonly do. So maybe……I started having boob/nipple sensitivity as of yesterday. Lastly, the absolute worst symptom I have is I’m so moody and mostly weepy. I want to cry over EVERYTHING!!!! D: It is the most obnoxious thing in the world. Wish me luck through this next week as we take on the hurdle of our results, whether they are good or bad. Good then we have 12 weeks of holding our breath and bad and we try again…….


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