Alright ladies! I FEEL LIKE SHIT XD

Who knows if this is a good thing or not but ughhhhh. I’ve been so tired this whole last week. Some of it has been lack of sleep but for the majority of it is me being exhausted for no damn reason. My stomach has been achy and turning and I’m hungry all the time…..So here is the question, should I test tomorrow morning or wait until Sunday? My period calculator says to test tomorrow but my app on my phone says Sunday and the doctor’s office says that if I don’t have my period by Sunday to call for bloodwork Monday. So what do you ladies think?? Should I test tomorrow and see or wait until Sunday? I hate the thought of the heart break because maybe I’m sick or maybe it’s all in my head. You guys know the drill I’m sure. Well let me hear your thoughts. I’ve got the tests, hell, I’ve had them since like May………<3


6 thoughts on “IUI#1, CD#28

  1. Honestly….if it were me I would wait until Sunday but that is just me. The wait is killer I know but that’s one more day your hcg levels could take to get stronger and the test would be super clear. Good luck !!!!

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    1. It’s not technically early though. That’s the catch, tomorrow will be exactly 14 days from my positive opk and insemination. Which with my super regular schedule, theoretically my period should start tomorrow. The doctors office just said to call Sunday if I have no af by then. I just can’t decide on if I should try in the morning and see or be patient haha. Thank you for the advice though! This new procedure has got me all excited and nervous!


      1. Ah, I think I just tried to test as late as possible as I thought it would prolong the idea that it might be positive! If you get what I mean. I hope you have a good result! 🙂

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      2. I totally and completely understand. I’ve been there, many times. I used to test early every single month but since we’ve been having some troubles I haven’t tested early in a long long time.


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