I was contemplating taking a pregnancy test this morning, telling myself I should wait, and it’s a good thing I did because once I was done peeing and as soon as I wiped I found that mother nature left me a surprise. Yayyyy………..So the first IUI didn’t work, which sucks……ultimately there is no better wording than simply this blows. Once again my body has failed me. I feel like shit and I feel horrible for my husband. I think that he was feeling really optimistic this time as well. So in roughly two weeks we will be going for our next insemination. I’m contemplating making a day out of it. Maybe getting a hotel since we drive all the way over to the east side of the state (which is a little over two hours) and finding something fun to do. Last time we were crunched for time but this time I’m feeling like we will just try to make a memory.

So today I’m allowing myself to feel sad, it’s not healthy to hold these emotions in but it’s also not healthy to dwell. My amazing husband is so supportive, I don’t think I could do this without him. Literally….haha. We are going to go spend some time with family and get me out of the house so I don’t eat all the ice cream we have in the freezer. Watch sappy movies and eat leftover Halloween candy….sounds unhealthy but basically all I want to do. However, out of the house and playing games and spending time with family will be good. I will keep you all posted as we do this again. I got my meds filled this afternoon and plan to start taking them Monday morning. Cycle day 3-7, bring on the hot flashes and emotions!!!! If it gives us a baby…..I’m totally down. Until next time……<3

12191969_10153047848966856_6628961140409584692_n This made me laugh 😀


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