First day of the second round of meds….it was an emotional roller coaster… I have been upset, laughing my ass off, angry as could be and crying hysterically all in a matter of seconds. I hate it. Honestly that part that really gets to me is that fact that I don’t feel like myself. It’s sad when you have to alter so much of who you are just to try and start a family. I hate that when I’m upset about something so small that it feels like the end of the world because I have too many hormones in my body. I hate that my husband is trying to be silly and make me laugh and my body decides to take offense to what he’s saying and to cry hysterically about it. It’s just so stupid. I had a thought today, is it all worth it? And of course when the fog clears and I have a moment of reality to myself I remember that of course it’s all worth it, every last second of it is worth it but sometimes I wonder why I have to be the one to go through it all. As if being a women doesn’t suck enough by itself sometimes, lets throw some extra hormones and emotions into the mix just to spice things up a bit more. Naturally today is only day one of many more days to come. I was so hoping that this cycle would find itself easier but I think I’m headed straight down the same path as last month. I pray for my husband as he is the one who gets to see it all. Especially the tears…..oh all the tears…….I’m so thankful for him each and every day! Where would us ladies be without our adoring husbands??? They sure do know how to treat us ❤ His unveiling love is my constant reminder to go on, to not forget to take those dreaded pills at the same time every morning, to not pee throughout the night so that my OPK tests aren’t messed up, to hold my tongue as best as I can when I’m feeling irritated, to keep my head up and remember our common goal and to never forget that love is what brought us together and lead us to this journey. As much as I complain and I very thankful for this life of mine. But on that note, it has been an emotionally long day. 4 more days of meds and about a week and a half until the next IUI. OPK’s start on CD#9! Until next time ❤


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