So yesterday was a happy day, we got our positive surge! Yay!!!! So I called my RE office and scheduled our IUI. This morning we got up bright and early, and when I say bright and early I mean it, 4am that alarm clock went off. UGH! So we drove the 2 hours to my hubby’s appointment. He left his specimen sample and then we had to go back a few hours later. It was a really nice day, we did what we said we were going to and made a wonderful day out of it. We got breakfast together and then we bought tickets to this museum that I’ve been wanting to go to. It was on the side of the state that my RE’s office is so it was convenient. We spent some time at the museum and then went back for insemination. This time it was unfortunately much more painful than last time. Not sure why but today I have been very sore, just in general and then the insemination itself was painful, I’m sure due to the fact that I was already sore to begin with. The nurse wasn’t concerned so neither am I. My hubby’s count was great, 48 million! So hopefully one of those is going to be our baby!!! Of course we have to wait the next two weeks but fingers crossed!!!!!!! After we waited the twenty minutes with the legs in the air we went back to the museum, finished seeing what we hadn’t seen and then went out to dinner with our family back in town. Got to spend some nice time with family and just really enjoy the day. All and all, even though I am completely exhausted, today was wonderful. Please send us prayers and baby dust, we need it! ❤ I’ll keep you all posted as the two weeks come and go and hopefully will have some good news then! 🙂


8 thoughts on “IUI#2…CD#14

  1. Hi Kayleigh! I just stumbled upon your blog posts, and it caught my attention because me and my husband did two IUI procedures and got pregnant the second time! I am definitely going to send you some baby dust! I look forward in reading your blogs and seeing the results of the second IUI!! Just stay positive! 🙂

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      1. Yes!! She was born March of this year, and she will be 9 months Dec 3rd!! How much longer do you have before you find out? I remember having to wait those 14 days. It was tough!! I just tried not to think about so much, but every time I did think about it, I would try to end that thought with a prayer! 😊

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      2. That’s wonderful!!!! I have 7 more days, so long!!!! I’ve been staying busy as much as possible. Thanksgiving was very helpful with keeping my mind off everything. Keeping my faith in God is the one thing that helps keep my heart from breaking when things don’t go as hoped. Not that my supportive husband doesn’t help too!

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