It’s technically CD#27 because it’s after midnight (haha) but I’ll go with 26 because I haven’t gone to bed yet. Quiet honestly my nerves are shot. I have been cramping a lot today which could mean either option really but I tend to be negative about this since we have yet to get positive news. I go for my Femara check tomorrow morning, yeahhh, I said morning. Remember how I said I drive a little over two hours to see my doctor? Well guess who is still awake because the appointment is making me nervous. Who knows why? Maybe I’m hoping they will see a baby in there when they stick a camera up my whooha or maybe I’m worried I have cysts all over because it’s possible….I honestly have no reason to be nervous, it’s a simple check, I suppose I’m just so used to getting bad news that I’m prepared for it. Part of me is also unsure, with doing an ultrasound this late in the cycle I feel like they would have to know if the IUI worked? How could they not?? If I am pregnant I would have a positive in a few days, my period is suppose to start Saturday maybe Sunday. Logically I can think of no reason how they could not tell me tomorrow if I am or not and just get the news over so I know to prepare for more meds………..UGH! Thankfully my hubby doesn’t have to work until the evening so he will be there with me ❤

On a brighter random note, I got my Christmas Card pictures back today! They are perfect! Yes, I would love to share them with you all ❤ ❤ ❤

DSC_0135 1DSC_0144 1DSC_0153 1DSC_0168 1DSC_0183 1DSC_0190 1DSC_0196 1

As you can see we love our puppy as a kid so yes he is in some of them with us. Blog world meet Brutus, my fur baby.

I’ll let you all know how tomorrow goes! Good night ❤


2 thoughts on “IUI#2…CD#26

  1. Love Love Love these photos! I remember feeling all of that! my advice at this point: Just take one hour at a time! Your almost there! 🙂 Praying! 🙂

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