You know how after you freak yourself out and you get all worked up about something, it’s so easy to just feel dumb when it’s all said and over. I got all worked up over something that didn’t even happen!!! He did not do an actually ultrasound, he just did an exam and checked out some stuff. We talked and it was nice. The Doctor even said that hopefully I will just get to rip up my med refill on Monday. 🙂 So it’s still a waiting game but at least for now it’s a waiting game with hope. If not this cycle, we will try up to 4 more time before he will suggest IVF. My husband and I have only thrown this idea around in the past so for now it’s only maybe something we will think about doing maybe in the future. We will see how this cycle goes and we will take it one cycle at a time. Medication dosage was increased, so I will go to 7.5mg of the Femera for cycle days 3-5 if there is not a baby in there. This weekend is it!!! So by Sunday we will know, I will let you all know how things turn out. For now just send me some positive thoughts and prayers! ❤

8-14-2013 2-01-14 PM

This explains me so perfectly for when people ask that famous question, “Oh, when do you guys plan on having kids?”

Didn’t you know? We have fur babies, look I’ll show you pictures!!!!

❤ ❤ ❤


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