I promise I’m not ignoring you all, just been so busy with the holiday’s coming up and life. To basically sum up the last couple weeks, I took the new higher dosage of meds for the time being. I started OPK tests on day 9, got a positive on Saturday, went for our third insemination yesterday. So now I’m one day past. Yesterday was the most painful insemination I’ve ever had…The nurse happened to not regularly doing IUI’s so unfortunately for me, she stabbed me in my uterus….OUCH! It caused some much cramping and pain….sucked. So I’ve been sore for the past day and a half. Not to mention I think my endometriosis is coming back, I’ve been starting to have the same pains I had prior to my removal surgery back in July. Ugh. Well I have lots to do and just wanted to give you all a quick update. Will keep you posted on the results as I get through the next two weeks. Thank goodness for holiday distractions!!!! Happy Holidays and God Bless to you all, hoping and praying for baby dust and good cheer to all your ways ❤


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