It has been 8 days since we  went for our third insemination. I have been doing my best to just not think too much on this one. I’ve been spending time keeping myself busy and distracted as much as possible. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve hit the point when you become doubtful and hopeless. I am still hopeful in a way because how can you not be but in the back of my mind I’m thinking this is never going to happen for us.

On a good note my second time ever hosting Christmas and dinner was a beautiful success. We had 8 people all together, including ourselves, and we all fit perfectly in our tiny space. My turkey was amazing and all our family got along! I think this is turning out to be a great tradition. It was something we decided to do after we got married, bring the two immediate families together for Christmas.

Then again on a bad note, we got some rough news the day after Christmas, one of our close friends died of a heart attack, the lack of oxygen to the brain left her brain dead….I think we’re doing okay. Very sad and my heart goes out to the family. Not something you want to hear during the holidays or ever for that matter.

I’ll give you a symptoms update so far, it’s not much and may be nothing at all. So far yesterday and this morning I feel sick. A little nauseous and just sick. My head has been hurting, my nose is runny. I’ve got dull mild cramps and my boobs are a little sore. That’s all for now. We will see if it’s signs of pregnancy or my period. Hopefully not my period!

I hope that all of you had a good holiday, regardless of what type you celebrate! Sending love and baby dust ❤


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