So it’s been awhile, I’ve been busy with life and just really trying to keep myself busy and off the baby topic. It’s been hard the last two weeks, after the negative test and then starting my period I’ve just been having a rough time. The doctor told us a few months back that 6 IUI’s is all we would do, after that statically the odds are not in our favor. Well here we are at number 5.. I know that pregnancy comes when it wants to and I know that we still have the same chance as we did the first time but in my head I feel like the odds are not in our favor because the first 4 didn’t work. My positive thoughts and feelings have decreased and my hope is not as high. I’m trying my best to keep my head up and to remain positive but I’m struggling for sure. I just hope and pray that this all wasn’t for nothing.

Well anyways, the doctor’s appointment I had a few weeks ago went well, no signs of anything bad. I did tell the doctor about the pains I’ve been having so they had me coming in on CD#2 and do an ultrasound. Everything came back perfect so I don’t know why I’m having pains unless my endometriosis is returning already. Hopefully that is not the case. I took the same milligram of Femera as last time, 7.5mg CD#3 through 5. Surge was on CD#13 and we went for our insemination yesterday, AKA CD#14. So now we’re on our two week wait with fingers crossed and as much hope as we can muster.

If we go for a 6th cycle of IUI that will be our very last one. As for what’s next? I honestly don’t know. The doctor did say that we would not be good candidates for IVF, so that’s out of the options now. We will have a lot of talking and thinking to do in the next couple months depending on how life plays out. As always, I’m just wishing for the best. Good luck to all you ladies on your TTC journeys and if anyone else is on their TWW I am sending baby dust your way.



6 thoughts on “IUI #5 Update

  1. Ah, that’s a tough road. I really hope you get some good news soon. Did the doc say why you wouldn’t be a good candidate for IVF? In the uk it’s considered to have a higher success rate than IUI and they are pretty quick to recommend it!


    1. Doctor said that since we’ve gotten pregnant on our own before, even though it was many years ago, we would not be a good candidate. Reason being I can apparently do it on my own but who knows why it’s taking so long now.


      1. That’s interesting… I guess it comes down to the cost benefit analysis as IVF is more expensive. If you’ve had a lot of IUI though, in the UK they usually switch to IVF if the IUI doesn’t work. I hope you have good news soon.

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