CD#11 today, began OPK testing yesterday. Got a positive today, unusually ealry for me. I tend to be a CD#13/14 surge so this is early early. Called the nurse this morning to chart it and we go tomorrow for our 6th and final IUI. I’m an emotional reck. Things have been tough on me lately with wondering where to go from here but right now I’m living in the moment and tomorrow is IUI#6 and day by day it will stil be number 6 until I have a reason for it not to be…

Random side note, fingers crossed for hubs to have good numbers. We usually abstain for about 3/4 days before an IUI but due to the unexpected early surge we only have 24 hours on this one. He’s never had low numbers but they typically recommend at least 48 and we have 1/2 that. On a lighter note we had really good sex in the casino hotel we stayed in on Saturday night. So maybe if we get a positive this time it won’t be from the IUI and maybe from our get away casino night sex 😍 One can only hope!


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