Today was the day, the final day…our final IUI. I’ve been doing very good today. Last night I shed some tears and my hubs being the sweet loving man he is held me the whole time. However, to my surprise today was okay. We got there and dropped the specimen off and then we went and had some lunch. Then around 11:30am we went back for the insemination. Things went well, thankfully the swimmer count was 59 million which was wonderful news since we only had 24 hours of abstaining!!! Plus we had amazing sex Saturday night so hopefully those swimmers will be helping to get the job done too! My nurse made me laugh today, as she was inseminating me she was telling my hubs swimmers, “swim guys, swim!” Even though today was an emotional day for us, our last go at the IUI’s it was over all a really good day. I feel good about everything.

We have a consult appointment set for April 7th, by then we will know for sure what our results are and if that happen to be negative again…hopefully no….God I hope that’s not the case….but if it is we have an appointment set to talk about where to go from here. Talk about our options and what we have to consider.

I really need some good thoughts and prayers and baby dust!!! These next two weeks will determine a huge thing in our lives….Thank you ladies for the past year of support and especially the past 6 months of support through all the IUI’s. Sending baby dust to all you ladies as well! ❤


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