I know I took a small break there, I thought if I stopped writing that maybe my problems wouldn’t be my problems anymore…that didn’t work. Anyways, if you didn’t know, September is National Pain Awareness Month. It’s probably one of the only awareness months that actually applies to several people. It’s not just endo sufferers or AS sufferers. It’s not of my pain is worse than yours. It’s putting aside your label and acknowledging that you have chronic pain and so do I and so do a whole bunch of people out there. Hell, some people don’t even know why they have pain………….

So why me?

Why am I one of the 1 in 8? Why am I another person who suffers from chronic pain, mind you not in just one way..Why do I have to have a broken heart every month when my period comes and then feel unrelenting pain on top of it? Why is this happening to me???

There is the million dollar question…One that I’m sure several people ask every day. I know my husband unfortunately is one of them as well. So why us?

I have been doing a lot of reading, and I mean a lot of reading and I made the decision today to call my doctor and start the process for Lupron. I’ve read the bad and I’ve read the good and I feel like I’m ready for it if it will help ease this pain. It’s more than just around my period, it’s half a week before my period, during my period, a little after my period and then again right before ovulation and of course during…it’s awful. From what I can see it can’t be much worse than Clomid and that was damn horrible so if I can survive that, I can do this! I’m a women, I’m a sufferer and I’m a fighter!

Part of my reading lead me to a statistic that gave me some hope on top of everything negative. It said that 85% of women who complete the 6 months of Lupron get pregnant after the first year off of it. Now naturally I’m very hesitant to put any hope into that, and I mean ANY. But if I can fight the pain and maybe end up pregnant, well I won’t complain.

Anyways, downfall is I have to wait for insurance to approve the shot treatments. So if it doesn’t get approved then it’s on to another plan. Fx for some good news.




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