So insurance approved the Lupron, I was able to pick it up from the pharmacy last night. Now to just wait until Aunt Flow arrives for the month and then we get to start injections. I joined a FP page to talk to other women about there personal experiences on it and how they handled the side effects. Most of them said that the hot flashes and night sweats are the worst but I’m hoping that after going through Clomid treatments that I can handle that. The one thing that feels weird is having to use contraceptives, we have to actually use condoms! How’s that for weird after trying for the last 3 and a half years? And let me tell you, the hubs is not happy that he has to use them HAHA!

We have more news though!!!! We took the first step in becoming licensed foster parents on Friday!!! We did the orientation and now we have to fill out the application but we have started the process and we’re so excited! We talked and talked and talked about it but we know we can’t afford to adopt an infant and we want so badly to become parents so if this the only way we can do it then this is what we’re doing! We hope to give a permanent home to a baby who can’t stay with their parents anymore.

And lastly I feel that I should add that we moved! We are in our own small place out in the country and the peacefulness of it all is worth the extra drive.

So two big things are happening in our lives, one for starting these treatments and two for becoming parents, even if it’s an unconventional way!

Wish us luck on our journey! And as always love and baby dust to you all ❤


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