I am officially 5 days into the Lupron shot. So far so good is about all I got. I don’t feel like me right now. It’s hard to explain but I just feel off. Very emotional, mild hot flashes, some pain and forgetful (weird symptom right?). Emotional was to be expected, it’s not as bad as the Clomid made me, however I also haven’t been on it for very long either. Time will tell if it will make me more emotional or not. I really hope not because the Clomid was just awful…. Had my first hot flash on Wednesday night, it came on just like the Clomid hot flashes did. I hate them but again, they’re tolerable. Could be worse I suppose. As for the pain, it’s very uncomfortable. It’s comparable to extremely bad period cramps. You know the ones that make you want to lay in the fetal position with a heating pad on your uterus and sleep all day? Yeah…except right now I have pain and cramping all the time. In the medications defense I did get an email explaining that symptoms such as pain would increase for about the first 2 weeks of treatment and then your estrogen levels would drop substantially and that’s when you would start to get some relief. Let’s just hope that 2 weeks goes by quickly. The forgetfulness is new to me. I’ve never been a very forgetful person. I’m very organized and on top of things so this is very different. I didn’t know that it’s actually a symptom of “real” menopause until I had talked to my Nana about it and she said that she had similar experiences all those years ago. So far I can say that if you have done a few rounds of Clomid this is pretty similar, again I’m only a few days into so I will for sure keep everyone updated on new or worsening symptoms.

Okay…On to a foster care update! The good news!!!!

We officially turned in the application on Tuesday and we got to meet our new licensing worker. She’s extremely nice so I hope that we can build a good relationship with her. We are already scheduled to go tomorrow, Saturday morning, to have our fingerprinting done and to also have a through background check done as well. Once that is all completed we have to get back in contact with our worker on when to meet up and get her that paperwork. So far so good! We are very excited and we even got the change to make a public announcement with our family and friends about it. I think I’ve mentioned before that my best friend is a wonderful photographer so she did a little photo shoot for us to be able to make this announcement special. We may never have children biologically but this doesn’t mean we can’t still be parents!


So those are our announcement photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do and I also hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

As always, sending love and baby dust ❤


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