Today I’m officially 10 days into the shot. They said the 1st two weeks would be the worst and I’m almost through that part of it. For me ovulation was always the worst time for pain and I can feel that my body is getting ready to ovulate and I am most definitely in some pain. Today has been so painful to do anything. It hurts to pee, it hurts to sit and walk and stand and just live…We tried to have sex (unprotected) for the last time last night. Never thought in all my years of ttc that I would say that we stopped having unprotected sex before I ovulated. Ha. There is always a first for everything I suppose. Anyways, we tried and it was awful. Actually brought tears to my eyes so we had to stop. I truly am hopeful that this Lupron does a damn good job because it’s safe to say my sex life is entirely affected at this point. We rarely have a good day when I can honestly get into it the entire time and not have to stop and readjust or change to a new position because this one isn’t working anymore…..I just want that sexual intimacy back. Yes we can have intimacy without sex but sometimes you just need to have good sex and it’s been too long… :/

So yes, ten days in and it’s going alright. The pain has increased just like they said it would and the hot flashes come and go as they please which I was expecting. The emotional roller coaster isn’t awful, yet. I am more weepy if anything, occasionally I do find myself far more irritated about some things then I think I would normally be but I am handling it. I would like to say my hubby is also doing a nice job handling it when I cry about something so small. Good job hubby ❤ The forgetfulness comes and goes, I can’t remember something and I stand there looking blank and then I just move on by telling myself it most not have been very important then. Same symptoms so far but we shall see how things continue to go.

As far as foster care goes we met again with the licensing worker on Wednesday morning. She so nice, I’m so thankful for that. We turned in some paperwork, went over some more things and then she sent us home with at least 4x’s the amount of paperwork I just turned in. Like seriously! It’s so much….Extremely overwhelming to say the least. I was able to knock some of it out last night but I think I’ll try to get some more done this weekend. Lots of training packets and just general information we have to read over and a list of some stuff that we have to get around for them to make copies of. So invasive! It will all be worth it in the end! Just getting to the end is feeling like a nightmare.

Weekend plans are exciting! My hubby and I have a fun Friday evening planned and we have been looking forward to it this entire week. Saturday is a day I’m dying for the arrive. My best friend, is finally getting to find out what she’s having. My heart is so excited to finally give them what I’ve been working on. It’s such an amazing time to have such wonderful people to have in our lives. I’m so blessed in so many ways. Yes I have been damned with this label of infertility, however it’s not who I am. I am a mom waiting to be and soon I will officially have a label that I will be proud to own and embrace. I have a wonderfully amazing best friend and I get to be apart of her pregnancy and their little ones life! I am so happy for both of us on our very different but very much the same journeys into motherhood.

As always, I wish you all love and baby dust ❤


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