Sometimes life just gets so crazy! But I’d like to think that we’ve made big waves in the last two months. Big big waves! Currently I’m about to have my 6th AND FINAL shot of Lupron. I can honestly say that I did it!!! I had my doubts at times but I’m final on the home stretch and it feels amazing. The list of side effects that I’ve had is too much to try and type but my pain has decreased! So now lets see how things go after the shot is out of my system. Fingers are crossed for a pain free lifestyle at least for a little while because the next step is surgery..again. So yes! And I want you all to know that if any point in time that you would like to talk more about my experience on Lupron I’m happy to share! I know that if you are anything like me, I did so much research before I tried the drug and there is so much back and forth online and sometimes you just want to talk to a real person about it instead of random posts on the internet. So I’m here for you! But anyways, enough about that. 

We had our home study walk through last Wednesday so it’s been one week and a day and I’m dying to get that phone call from our worker. I just want to be approved so we can start taking in some kids! I’m so nervous for our first placement but I know that it will all be worth it in the end, we just have to get there. Day by day. The nursery is all set up and just waiting for a little one to put in it. 

Other than that northing totally exciting to post. I’m really looking forward to starting my new chapter of parenthood, it’s not necessarily the path that I would have chose for myself but it’s the path that has chose me so I will follow it with high hopes and my heart in God’s hands and see where it takes my husband and myself.

So here is to the next week going someone quickly because I’m anxiously awaiting this phone call ❤

Sending love and prayers and always baby dust!


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