About Me


So this is me. My name is Kaleigh Yingling and I think of my self as a very complex person. I love my husband, we’ve been together for almost 6 years and considering my age that is a long time to be committed to someone. ❤ We’re perfect for each other. Yes of course we fight but hell, every GOOD relationship has arguments. If you don’t ever disagree with your mom or sister or significant other than you my friend have some major issues within yourself. But this page is suppose to be about me…I’m terrible about writing specifically about myself. Give me a subject or something I can research and BAM I’ll write you an awesome essay but me me me….hmmmmmm…I have three cats! I love my kitties and I don’t care who knows it! I will be a crazy cat lady someday if my husband will let me! I don’t think he will. Their names are Tigger, Mittens, and Loki. Tigger is a grey kitty and the one we’ve had the longest, Mittens is black and white and the middle fur-baby and Loki the baby, orange and white. All are my rescues. I have one dog, his name is Brutus, he is almost three years old and is a pure bred German Rottweiler.  He is a sweet baby. Loves playing with our niece and nephew. What else what else what else…I have a bearded dragon! {Laid to rest March 25th, 2015} He’s a baby still but I’ve always loved having them. When I was in high school I had one but after 6 years she finally passed away and here we are now with another baby! I love animals, they are one of my passions in life. It’s wonderful.
Tigger 1

Mittens 1



I work with kids. They’re all amazing in one way or another and I think it helps fill this void that I have since we’ve been unable to have one ourselves, so far that is. Never say never! Kids are just so wonderful to be around and you begin to learn that you’re not the only one who teaches them, they tend to teach you a lot too if you let them.

I don’t have any ordinary hobbies. I work a lot and my pets take up a lot of my time, so does maintaining my marriage and of course friendships and family time. The one thing that I do for myself is I love to go antique shopping for depression glass. I have a pretty cool little collection so far. I enjoy going with family and of course my husband, who yes, actually likes going with me! I love going and getting cheesecake and a non-coffee drink from Starbucks with my best friend and staying in and playing board and card games with family and my hubby.

My life is pretty simple but it’s mine and I love it ❤

Mikel and I at the casino 2


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